Molina Keller House

Savannah, Georgia, 6,500 sf

This stately historic residence, built in 1840, is a freestanding masonry building located across from the Colonial Park Cemetery in downtown Savannah. The project comprised a full rehabilitation and restoration of the 5,000 sf historic structure and included a two-story 1,500 sf addition to transform the building from four separate apartments into a single family home. The addition was built within the existing footprint of the building, over top of the one and two story wings at the rear of the property, and was designed to appear secondary to the historic structure both in massing and materials. The finished design included four bedrooms and a luxurious master suite, a gourmet kitchen, and multiple roof decks in addition to the side courtyard garden. Special attention was given to the restoration and enhancement of the historic structure and details in addition to a return to the historic plan.