Savannah Spirits

Located on the Northeast corner of Whitaker and State Streets, the Savannah Spirits project transformed this existing, neglected building into an upscale chophouse and distillery. The historic property encompasses four buildings which were combined over time into a single business space. When the property was purchased in 2016, all the original exterior details had been removed or were obscured by a blank stucco façade. The owners took on a full restoration and rehabilitation of the property, articulating each of the phases of the building in its own original character while employing a cohesive color palette and materials throughout. The central, three-story structure, along with the adjacent two-story masonry addition, were renovated to expose and reestablish the original exterior details found in historic photos. The two-story, wood-framed structure located on the lane, possibly the oldest building on the site, was restored in the style of historic photos from the 1930s, with faux half timbering on its north and west façades.

The overall project scope included rebuilding the ground level storefronts and cornice, significant interior and exterior structural stabilization and reconstruction of masonry and wood-frame building components, restoration of all upper-floor windows, cleaning, repairing, and repointing of the brick, and complete replacement of all building systems.

Savannah, Georgia
Gross Area:
HSF Historic Preservation Award, 2019
AIA Merit Award, 2020